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Pastoral letters and messages to the congregation

A message from Fr. David Peck on May 15, 2020

Dear Friends,

I long for the day when the choir is back and hundreds of parishioners of all ages are in the pews and the mass is again at the center of our eucharistic lives… but I suspect you and I both know that this time will not be soon. It might even not be this year.

Rather than dwell on that depressing uncertainty, Mother Shayna, the staff team, vestry and I will focus on constantly improving what we do online and through technology. If we were a simple country church we could concentrate on physical attendance because that’s all we could do. Small is beautiful for just that reason. As a larger church however, we need to find a large-scale way of delivering worship, learning and pastoral care.

I want to hear from you about your needs and aspirations. Please reach out to the office, our staff and any vestry member to share your thoughts. I am grateful for the many articles and links to other churches you know that make information and ideas available to us that we would otherwise miss.

I am not rushing back to in-person worship because I believe there are things we are still learning about social distancing, epidemiology and vulnerability to this disease that makes larger churches particularly complicated platforms to operate in a “yellow zone” county. I am delighted with the prospect of a staged opening of our economy, our schools and our social lives through the coming months of the summer. But I want to be realistic and measured in this message to you as we wait not only on what the guidance of our governor and Bishop will be, but also the best practices and wisest practices of larger churches in urban settings.

We are in a remarkable time of both suffering and spiritual growth. We are learning new ways to worship, give, pray, learn, and we are offering pastoral care to more people than ever before. My first priority will be funerals and baptisms and weddings. Once we have gotten through that backlog and learned how to worship in groups of 10-25 we can think about creative possibilities of how to come to church on a reservation ticket-only basis with masks and social distancing. But this experience of church will not be like “old church” for many months.

I am so grateful for your patience, faithful prayers and sacrificial generosity. I am so proud of your commitment to meeting the adaptive challenge of technology. Let us continue to be safe and sensible as we seek to love our neighbor as ourselves. Yours in Christ, David

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