Godly Play Summer Camp

Parables & Prayer: A Godly Play Camp Digital Experience

Godly Play Camp goes digital this summer!

Your families are invited to engage in this digital experience in whatever way makes most sense for your rhythms of life. Begin with Part 1 – Getting Ready!, and go from there!

Grown-ups may want to collect some fresh art supplies or other response materials for your children as they prepare to engage with these parables of Jesus. You may appreciate watching the sermon in Part 5 early on, too, for your own wonderings about parables as you guide your children in this asynchronous camp experience.

Pause the parable videos to wonder with the story together and to allow response time, or pray with them the entire way through, and do your work after the song. Families may find meaning in working with the stories alongside one another, with each person taking up their own work.

Part 1 – Getting Ready!

Getting ready is the first step of Godly Play! Alyssa Pasternak Post gives ideas on how families can get ready for a digital camp experience at home, with help from her daughter. StephJo Wise offers a familiar song to help us get ready: “Lord, Prepare Me to be a Sanctuary.”

Part 2 – The Parable of the Leaven (Matthew 13:33)

Alyssa Pasternak Post is ready to share and wonder about our first Godly Play story – the Parable of the Leaven! Her family invites us to pray the Lord’s Prayer together. StephJo Wise sings with us the well-loved song “This Little Light of Mine.”

Part 3 – The Parable of the Great Pearl (Matthew 13:45)

Alyssa Pasternak Post helps us to get ready to hear Godly Play’s Parable of the Great Pearl! Her daughter Mariel narrates the story for us, and her family leads us in the Lord’s Prayer. Picking up on the Kingdom of Heaven theme in the parables, StephJo Wise sings “Seek Ye First” with us!

Part 4 – The Parable of the Mustard Seed (Matthew 13:31-32)

Alyssa Pasternak Post invites us to wonder and respond to the Godly Play story of the Mustard Seed (Matthew 13:31-32), as narrated by her daughter Amelia! Her family again offers the Lord’s Prayer. StephJo Wise concludes this Parables & Prayer series with a sung blessing: “May God Bless and Keep Us!”

Part 5 – Bonus Experiences!
A Parables Sermon for the Grown-ups during this Digital Camp!

A resource to help the grown-ups enter these stories of Jesus, too! Alyssa Pasternak Post wonders about parables as a form of narrative and offers a sermon on these three parables of Jesus. She describes Godly Play’s method of side-by-side parable storytelling with an example from her daughters’ work with the stories. I wonder how your children might respond to this meaningful way to bring out of the treasure “what is old and what is new” (Matthew 13:52).

Bonus Song!

StephJo teaches us one more song! – “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace.”

Responding with Loving Action

There are many ways to respond to the stories of God. Sometimes we sit in silence, or go for a nature walk. Sometimes we work with story materials or create our own story materials. Sometimes we write poetry or make art in response to the word of God. And sometimes the story inspires us to loving action. Here are two simple service projects that your family can participate in during this digital camp experience.

Summer Letters to Our Elders
Continuing our project from Eastertide, families again are invited to craft cards or letters for our parishioners who are homebound. Consider if this simple act of solidarity is something that your family might want to take up as part of this camp experience. The process is simple: Email our Pastoral Care Coordinator Debbi Miller to receive the first name(s) of a member on our pastoral care team’s homebound parishioner list. Then write a simple summer greeting and mail it (or drop it off at) the Parish House by August 15. And Debbi will ensure that the parishioner receives your card later this summer.

Children’s Garden on Campus
In late June, we were able to plant our children’s garden plots and soon will be harvesting fresh vegetables to donate with our local Food Hub. Families are welcome to sign up for a time slot in the next few weeks to come to campus, tend to weeds, harvest any ripe vegetables ready for donation, and to just be present in on our beautiful campus. Sign up to tend the garden by clicking here.