Frequently Asked Questions

More information about our nursery

Below are some commonly asked questions and answers.

We have a paid nursery staff of six regular nursery workers who work in pairs and rotate weeks, along with 3 substitute nursery workers. All workers maintain state and diocesan clearances.
Parents sign their children into the nursery and leave a cell phone numbers in case we need to be contacted.
Yes. We livestream the 10:30 AM Mass in the nursery.
Yes, the Nursery offers a spacious restroom for families with young children. A changing table and footstools make for an easier restroom experience. Also, both the Men’s and Women’s restrooms in the lower level of the Church building are equipped with a changing table.

The nursery is secured, and our security person makes regular rounds by the nursery during its hours of operation
We offer children Goldfish crackers and/or animal crackers, along with water, as a snack during the 10:30 AM Mass. Please let us know if your child has any allergies.

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Our nursery is stocked with books and toys for all sizes of hands and imaginations!