TheoCon Odyssey Youth Program

Saint James youth programs

TheoCon Odyssey Youth (TOY) program  addresses the growing needs of our youth beyond Sunday mornings. TOY is under the Children, Youth and Families umbrella at Saint James, and it intentionally uses elements of popular culture such as film, comic books, gaming, music and art to help our youth realize and apply their own faith and spirituality through the allegories offered in these forms.

We provide a safe space for youth who are seeking or exploring their faith and beliefs. We open with mutual guidelines of engagement in our welcoming and inclusive environment. All are welcome.

Youth Age and Grade Band

Voyager: 3rd-5th grade, ages 8-11

Discovery: Middle School 6th-8th grade, ages 11-14

Enterprise: High School 9th-12th grades, ages 14-19

Our Model: What We Do

Follows the FAM model, which is Formation, Activity and Mission.

Invites youth participants into a time of introspection and identifying who they are? Who is God calling them to be and become? And how their identity impacts their family, community, schools and environment.

We should always plan to do something fun together. It has been researched and proven that gameplay and group activities help with social development, analysis, understanding and conversation, challenges assumptions, builds effective communication, and can be therapeutic. All these skills and more will be needed for missional activities and to be a welcoming presence.

Mission & Outreach
Our Anglican Communion has what is called “Five Marks of Mission,” which embody our individual and collective call. Our youth will be invited into mission work that is age appropriate and with parent approval. Activities will range from making prayer beads for “recovering” communities to assisting on a housing project.