The Atlas Initiative

Helping Low Income Individuals Achieve their Goals

The Atlas Initiative is part of Lancaster’s Community Action Partnership and helps motivated, low-income individuals and families break the cycle of poverty by identifying the resources they have and the goals they want to establish. Helping to break the cycle of multi-generational poverty involves more than just financial resources. The survival skills for living in poverty can actually impede one’s progress at getting out of poverty.

About the Initiative

This comprehensive program matches low-income individuals or families who are motivated and committed to reaching their dreams with “allies” who work with them to set goals, identify new life management skills, and find support in moving forward. The program begins with a 20-week “Getting Ahead” training and also includes a meal, child care, and a financial stipend for attending. This course sets the focus for the next 18 months during which the participants work to achieve their goals.

Benchmarks of the program include

  • Identifying resources
  • Establishing goals
  • Getting involved in one’s community
  • Building beneficial relationships with others

Atlas groups meet regularly, and Saint James supports these efforts by providing dinner once each quarter at one of the weekly meetings.


Click here to learn more about the Community Action Partnership and it’s Atlas Initiative.

“The allies help people troubleshoot. Often, people in poverty are driven by the crisis of the moment, which takes up all their bandwidth. Having a friend walk with you gives you perspective.”Michael McKenna, COO Community Action Partnership

Help the Atlas Initiative!

If you'd like to help with an Atlas Initiative dinner, email Rex or Moira Grubb. They can also be reached at 717-786-3382.

Email Rex and Moira