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Contemplative special events at Saint James

In addition to our parish-wide day retreats, Saint James also offers contemplative events for the community. Below are just a few we’ve hosted in the recent past. Click each title to learn more.

The Saint john’s Bible Series

Linking sacred art with spiritual imagination

Tuesday evenings in June of 2020 via Zoom

The Rev. Jim Strader-Sasser, Priest-in-Charge at Christ Memorial Episcopal Church in Danville, PA and The Rev. Dr. Howell Sasser, Rector at St. Thomas in Newark Delaware, presented a five-session liturgical and contemplative online series through the Gospel of John using the illuminated text from The Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible.

In this well-timed series, the Scriptures were opened to us in a new way as we continued our journey toward God in confusing times. The goal of the sessions was to offer participants a fully sensory and contemplative encounter with The Gospel of John. Together we explored the themes of the Incarnation, the identities of Jesus, God’s desire to offer re-birth and new life, and Mary’s encounter with the risen Christ. We further opened our senses to carefully paired music as we contemplated the exquisite images and calligraphy of this handcrafted rare volume, referred to as “America’s Book of Kells.”

The Saint John’s Bible is a singular achievement: the complete text of the Bible, written on calfskin vellum using traditional tools and inks. As a work of sacred art, it ignites the spiritual imagination of all those who view its pages. It stands alone. However, the beauty, richness, and inspiration of The Saint John’s Bible are not limited to those able to see the original pages in a museum setting.