The Urban Well at Saint James

A source for contemplative practices

Entering the Heart of Christ: Christianity as Participatory Mystery

Coming to The Urban Well September 25 & 26

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THE URBAN WELL at Saint James is a source for contemplative prayer and practices. Online and in person we learn to be more centered, conscious and compassionate in our world.

At The Urban Well, diverse people from different faith traditions gather in a spirit of humility and openness. We learn from outstanding theologians and practitioners as well as from one another how to deepen our spirituality and connect with our communities.

Together with our local, regional and international partners we welcome all to the Urban Well who thirst for a deeper relationship with people, with the planet and with God.

Join a growing online spiritual community at the Urban Well.

The Urban Well is now offering, via Zoom the following:

Tuesday 8 AM Meditation

Click here to join meditation Tuesday mornings with Allen Rushmer. (This link can be used for every Tuesday morning meditation on Zoom).

Thursday 8 AM Meditation

Click here to join meditation Thursday mornings with Allen Rushmer. (This link can be used for every Thursday morning meditation on Zoom).

Friday Morning Meditation, 6:45 AM

Click here to join Friday Morning Meditation each Friday with Mel Lucht. (This link can be used for every Friday Morning  Meditation on Zoom.)

Mindful Yoga with Louise Konrath

Yoga and mindfulness are closely associated. Yoga is typically considered a practice of physical postures; and mindfulness is the mental practice of paying attention in the present moment. The aim of both, and when used together, is to achieve a higher level of connection between the mind, body, and spirit.

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