2019 Saint James Vestry

The vestry is the governing body at Saint James. It is comprised of twelve voting members of the parish elected at the annual meeting from candidates fielded by the nominating committee. They serve a three-year term. The junior warden is selected by the vestry members, and the senior warden is usually appointed by the rector.

Kit Slaugh, Senior Warden
Paul Ware, Junior Warden
Kathi Sabino, Treasurer
Heidi Shirk, Secretary
Richard Dombach
Skyler Gibbon
Randy Harris
Maryann Marotta
Debbi Miller
Nick Schmidt
Dick Sware
Yvonne Tejada
John Walker
Paul Ware
Melissa Woodruff-Cook

Diocesan Convention Delegates

Freda Dombach
Moira Grubb
Rex Grubb
Jay Miller
Lori Miller
Bob Mosebach
Bruce Nickles
Br. David Rutledge, CFC
Jonathan Crothers
Andrew Flinchbaugh