Saint James Vestry

2018 Election Results

Congratulations to our newly elected vestry and diocesan convention delegates!

Father David, on behalf of the whole congregation, gives thanks for all who stood for formal and representational roles in the parish. He is also grateful for those who served on the nominating committee and those who served as tellers, judges, and registrars, as they gladly did the work of counting so many votes!

Those elected to vestry include the following:

Skyler Gibbons
Marianne Marotta
Debbie Miller
Dick Sware

Those elected to serve as diocesan convention delegates include the following:

Marge Binner
Deb Dickinson
Skyler Gibbon
Moira Grubb
Martha Harris
Bob Mosebach
David Rutledge
Heidi Shirk

Alternates, in the event that a delegate is unable to fulfill their role:

Bruce Nickles
Yvonne Tejada