Spiritual Healing

With Joy and Purpose

Saturday, February 10 | 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Parish House Forum Room

Available in person and and via livestream

Join Erin Jean Warde on her return visit to Saint James and the Urban Well. The Saturday retreat will build on material presented in last year’s retreat and bring a fresh focus on recovery and healing accessed through prayer and rest.  It will address issues we all face at times: feeling weighed down or discouraged, anxiety, despair, and even depression which can lead to unhealthy habits and choices.  The day will explore attitudes and barriers to accessing joy and the power of meditation, prayer and other contemplative practices in our own healing.

Erin will draw on insights from psychology, neuroscience, habit change research, and Brené Brown’ work. Erin is the author of Sober Spirituality: The Joy of a Mindful Relationship with Alcohol and is also a certified facilitator for Brené Brown and is an Episcopal priest.

10:00 AM: Registration $10 (suggested donation or pay what you can)

10:30: Presentation by Erin Jean Warde

12:30 - 1:45 PM: Hot lunch from Norbu Restaurant

2:00 - 3:30: Practice sessions with Lana Ryder on Sound Meditation, and Sandra Orndorff on Movement and Meditation

3:30 - 4:00: Q & A

4:00 - 4:45: Fellowship around the firepit with hot chocolate

5:00: Mass, free and open to all

Erin Jean Warde

The Rev. Erin Jean Warde (she/her) is an Episcopal priest, spiritual director, recovery coach, and writer. She is the author of Sober Spirituality: The Joy of a Mindful Relationship with Alcohol, coming out April 2023. She offers a course, Discerning Sobriety, which helps participants bring spiritual practices and mindfulness into their relationship with alcohol. She is a Certified Daring Way Facilitator, so she incorporates the research of Brene Brown in the many facets of her work. You can explore her offerings around recovery coaching, spiritual direction, and more at www.erinjeanwarde.com. You can explore her Substack, Gather the Inklings, which includes free weekly posts and a community. She lives in Austin, TX with her 3 cats, and in her free time you can find her watching comedy, and thrift or vintage shopping.

Sandra Orndorff

Sandra Orndorff, a Yoga and Meditation Instructor, PA Certified Family Recovery Coach and Enneagram Certified Life Coach has 20 years of Yoga and Pilates as well as her experience of embodiment coaching. She understands the connection between the body and the soul and how important moving the body is to our vitality.

As a graduate of Evolution Power Yoga she has a grounded education in the connection to physical body not just as poses but also from the mechanics of the body. Sandra leads each session with an intention, a grounding, and a short Shavasana.

Lana Ryder

Lana Ryder has been sharing the healing power of sound, voice and music in one form or another for nearly fifty years, beginning with the use of her voice as a healing instrument in music ministry. She also brings 25 years’ experience in allopathic medicine to her work as a holistic practitioner.

Well known throughout the area as a sound therapy educator, mentor (affectionately called "Sound Mama"), and practitioner, her education is ongoing in her studies with globally renowned masters of sound. She has developed a variety of innovative ways to integrate sound in energy healing and bodywork, including ReikiSound, ReikiVoice, Sonic Massage, Soundwise Voice, Introduction to the Fundamentals of Sound Healing for Use in the Healing Arts classes, manuals and curriculum.