Children's Gardens

Sowing seeds of hope and faith

Children's Garden

Love Grows Here

The Children's Garden at Saint James has been an ongoing tradition that the children enjoy digging into every spring. This year we prepared our raised garden beds with good nutrient rich compost and then little hands helped with planting. It was fun to watch the miracle of tiny seeds sprouting and growing into nutritious foods we could eat and lovely flowers we could share. The Godly Play curriculum has a couple of good parables about planting seeds and waiting for the harvest, so we enjoyed exploring their meaning together during the summer months.

Later, in July, August and September, we harvested potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, beans and tomatoes. The children were really excited to take their harvest home to their families to enjoy and to bless mothers and friends with pretty flower bouquets created from zinnias, sunflowers and the perennials growing in our beautiful churchyard.

It was a delightful season of growing and a green space for all to enjoy including butterflies, bees and even the pesky squirrels who snatched our strawberries and tomatoes!