Mindful Yoga at Saint James

A path to a quiet mind

Led by certified yoga instructors

Yoga and mindfulness are closely associated. Yoga is typically considered a practice of physical postures; and mindfulness is the mental practice of paying attention in the present moment. The aim of both, and when used together, is to achieve a higher level of connection between the mind, body, and spirit.

The Mindful Yoga postures and sequences are more gentle than in other styles of yoga. This practice is meant to bring attention to your breath, your body and your mind. It is suitable for a wide range of body types and abilities. Along with the yoga postures, mindfulness techniques are introduced which can be used as a tool outside of the yoga practice.

Mondays at 6 PM with Jen Burnett | Onsite & via Zoom
Wednesdays at 9 AM with Sandra Orndorff | Onsite & via Zoom
Fridays at 9 AM with Jess Sollenberger | Onsite & via Zoom

Yoga room in the lower level of the Saint James Parish House 119 North Duke Street
(beside the public library)

$60/six sessions

Pay online or at the door, by check or cash (exact change only please).

Clcik here to purchase yoga sessions

Jessica Sollenberger

Jessica Sollenberger is an experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT).  She received her 200HR training through Evolution Power Yoga where she taught both power yoga and restorative yoga.

In 2019 Jessica received her 100HR Holy Yoga training through the Holy Yoga Foundation, learning how to implement Christian faith based themes into the practice of yoga.  She also received certifications in both Chair Yoga, more specific to the older adult community, as well as Trauma Sensitive Yoga through the Holy Yoga Foundation. With a background in physical therapy, Jessica feels a passion for creating an inclusive yoga space that is safe and mindful, while deepening spiritual connection, especially through Christian faith based practice.

Sandra Orndorff

Sandra Orndorff, a Yoga and Meditation Instructor, PA Certified Family Recovery Coach and Enneagram Certified Life Coach has 20 years of Yoga and Pilates as well as her experience of embodiment coaching. She understands the connection between the body and the soul and how important moving the body is to our vitality.

As a graduate of Evolution Power Yoga she has a grounded education in the connection to physical body not just as poses but also from the mechanics of the body. Sandra leads each session with an intention, a grounding, and a short Shavasana.

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The connection of mind, body and spirit has offered me a way of responding to stress instead of reacting to it. Yoga allows for a break from habitual, automatic patterns in the body as well as the mind. Yoga allows for us to abide in ease within the practice of yoga poses, within the practice of mindfulness, and within our everyday life. The concept of yoga being a means of self-care, doesn’t happen only on our yoga mat, but off our yoga mat as well.Louise Konrath