Pastoral Care

Caring for one another in times of need

praying handsPastoral care ministries at Saint James support parishioners at life’s major turning points, as well as during extended periods of disability and recovery. A team of clergy and lay persons provide timely, professional pastoral care in an intimate and confidential manner. Our team respects parishioners’ rights to privacy and keeps strictly confidential all information about anyone receiving pastoral care.

Who should you contact if you need pastoral care?

If you need pastoral care, contact:
Kristle Evans, Pastoral Care Coordinator

When do we need pastoral care?

  • During times of acute illness or hospitalization
  • When death is near and in times of sorrow or loss
  • When wanting to pre-plan your funeral
  • For those who are home-bound and those temporarily not able to attend our services
  • When welcoming new additions to your family
  • For those having significant health or non-health related concerns
  • When we feel lost and need spiritual direction

Emergency pastoral care

Emergency pastoral care is available seven days a week, 24 hours per day by calling 717.397.4858 as soon as you are able. If you call at night or on weekends or get the parish’s recorded telephone message during the day, please select option “2” as prompted. An operator from our pastoral care answering service will answer and connect you with a member of the Pastoral Care Team.

Submit a prayer request

Need Pastoral Care?

Please let us know if you are sick or anticipate a stay in the hospital. We have no way of knowing you need pastoral care unless we hear from you.

Email Kristle Evans

Practical help in times of need

Caring Cooks and members of Daughters of the King make and coordinate delivery of meals for parishioners who have had a birth, death, surgery, illness or crisis in the family. If you or someone you know is in need of a meal, please call the church office for more information: 717.397.4858

Who should you contact if you need pastoral care?

If you need pastoral care, contact:
Mrs. Debbie Wetzel, Pastoral Care Coordinator
717.397.4858 (ext. 113)

Support for Prison Ministries is looking for volunteers to help with worship services, mentoring, Bible studies, and prayer of listening ministries. Click here to learn more about Support for Prison Ministries at Lancaster Prison. To view the application, click here. For questions, please call the Lancaster County Prison Chaplain’s Office: (717) 295-2089.