About Saint James

Traditional, innovative and inclusive

Where faith, hope, and love have been growing in the heart of downtown Lancaster for over 275 years. Traditional and innovative, inter-generational and diverse, our worship inspires us to reach out and look within as we grow in faith and fellowship.

We are a community of:

  • Joyful worship
  • Contemplative prayer
  • Generous living
  • Holy dying

We are a community that:

  • Respects the dignity, worth, and difference every person makes in the world.
  • Is an ecumenical and open church welcoming believers from many different faith traditions.
  • Celebrates Holy Communion with all the other Sacraments of the Church, given to us by Christ and the early Church.
  • Deepens our spirituality through contemplative prayer and practices, including Christian meditation.
  • Grows as disciples of Jesus Christ by asking questions and seeking answers through life-long learning.
  • Serves the community through many ministries that address the social, spiritual, and economic poverty in our midst.