Christians and Yoga

An exploration of embodied spirituality

An exploration of embodied spirituality in the Christian tradition and yoga practice led by Father David Peck & Kate Brossman with Roberta Strickler

Jesus teaches us, “the Kingdom of God is within” (Luke 17:21) and “I am in you and you are in me” (John 14:20). This invites us to see our bodies as the center of prayer and spirituality. Yet many of us struggle with seeing our bodies as that most fundamental and obvious place of prayer.  Our mental and physical restlessness can be obstacles to deep prayer and spirituality. 

Both Christian spirituality and Yoga traditions have very practical ways to teach us how to live with greater faith and serenity in a world of anxiety and reactivity.  Western views of yoga have focused on the health benefits of yoga as exercise yet it offers us so much more.  Let us gather together for the Christian experience of incarnational spirituality and discover ways to reimagine our bodies as a place of grace, gratitude, ease and prayer.

Each 90-minute session will have time of basic teaching and simple yoga and meditation practice explained in easy, straightforward language. Any loose and comfortable fitting clothing is fine. You may bring your mat, and we will have plenty of mats and props set up to assist. Urban Well instructors are trained in working with varied ages and abilities.

These are practices which can better equip us physically, spiritually, and mentally to live our lives fully. This is the perfect place to begin. If not now, when.

All sessions are from 1:30 - 3:00 PM on the following Saturdays

Saturday, June 1: Our prayer: Christian scripture & yogic practices 

Saturday, June 8: Our body: Movement and stillness 

Saturday, June 15: Our calm: Meditation and breath 


June1: Complimentary
June 8 & 15: $20/session
$30 for combined June 8 & June 15
Attend any or all; Scholarships available; click here to email Nancy LeVasseur for more information.

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Executive Director, Kate Brossman