Mindful Yoga

Unlimited Yoga Practice Plan

At the request of several of you, we are introducing an Unlimited monthly payment program. This will allow you to attend as many classes a week as you’d like.

The new Unlimited Practice rate will be $80 per month. So, if you attend 3 classes per week at our Unlimited rate, your per class cost would be only $6.70 per class in a 4 week month. (Currently a 6 class package costs $60 or $10 per class. If you attend 2 classes per week, a typical month currently costs you $80.)

Here’s how it works:

  • This rate will be an automatic renewal rate either through your checking account or a credit card. Once you are signed up, it means less form filling out for you. Safety of your data: our payment platform is certified each year to be PCI Compliant which means our levels of security and encryption are of the highest standards.
  • All plans will activate on the 10th of each month regardless of when you submit your form. This means your unlimited package runs from the 10th of each month to the 10th of the next.
  • If you have any questions, click here to email Kristen, our parish administrator.
  • If you have unused classes on a 6-class package, they may be used by a) selling or gifting them to a friend or b) save and use when you have family or friends visiting.
  • To pause your package, click here to email Kate Brossman with your pause dates (begin and end).
  • Continue signing in as you would on the sheet. You might decide to continue using your card but it will be for your personal tracking only. (If you have unused classes, please note that on the card and keep it in the black clamshell box.)

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Executive Director, Kate Brossman