Saint James Long-Range Plan

A guide for sustainability and growth

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The vestry at Saint James has dedicated itself to the hard work of deeply understanding who we are as a congregation—where we have come from, our needs in this current moment, and what we yearn for moving forward.

In this spirit, a long-range planning committee was tasked in 2023 with developing guidelines for ensuring the growth and sustainability of Saint James. The plan was built on the strategic recommendations developed by the ministry and engagement working groups in 2022. The committee believes the plan provides vestry with a framework of actions over a three-year period that responds to the needs and desires of the congregation.

The long-range plan is now presented to the congregation in a spirit of transparency, as a testament to the vestry’s commitment to annually review our progress, and in respect of our roles as fiscally responsible caretakers of God’s many gifts bestowed upon our community throughout our 279 year history.

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Saint James Long-Range Plan

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Long-Range Plan Forum Presentation

January 7, 2024