Hospitality at Saint James

Building community through service

The gift of hospitality is perhaps one of the most important ministries at Saint James. Whether it’s sharing a meal together at our annual pancake super, partaking of refreshments after our St. Nicholas Mass or simply enjoying a cup of coffee at our Sunday morning Forum Hour, gathering together and sharing food builds community. It allows us to pause from our busy schedules and in that pausing, connect with one another more deeply.

There are many opportunities to serve through the gift of hospitality!

  • Sunday morning forum hour (9:30 – 10:15)
  • After the 10:30 Mass during the summer
  • Lenten pancake super
  • Bible foods dinner
  • St. Nicholas Mass

Not sure if you have the gift of hospitality? We also need people to serve in the kitchen and on our clean-up crews! Want to get in on the fun? Contact the Saint James office.

Dish washing crew left to right: David Miller, Caroline Hoffer, Paul Hoffer

Marge Binner and Deb Dickinson making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

Cooks Alan Burton (left) and Rick Dombach

Refreshments after the St. Nicolas Mass