Stories of Faith, Hope, and Meaning

Parishioners share their journeys

We are a diverse and inclusive community at Saint James. We come from all walks of life, from different faith traditions, and from vastly different cultures around the world.
As Christ meets us at whatever point in our journey we find ourselves, we celebrate and share our answers to prayer and what the community of faith at Saint James has meant to each of us.

Enjoy these inspiring stories from just a few of our parishioners.

Ross Fairweather talks about her fulfilling work at Carter and MacRae Elementary.

David and Debbi Miller share their story of Quaker and Anabaptist roots.

Heidi Shirk tells us her thoughts on giving and faith in everyday life.

Ann Atlee Webber talks about a lifetime spent at Saint James

Doug Sykes: A story of family,
faith and fulfillment

A Saint James Family:
Giving from God’s abundance

Debbie Wetzel: Finding strength and hope through tragedy