Tech Tips and Instructions

For Zoom meetings and Realm

For best viewing, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer as images may not display well with accompanying text.

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How to log into Zoom to host meeting

Note: these instructions are for parish leaders who use the Saint James Corporate Zoom account for their Zoom meetings. We recommend using a desktop or a laptop for ease of access and best meeting hosting experience.

Begin your Zoom meeting by clicking this link:

This will take you to the Zoom home page.

Next, go to the upper right corner and click, Sign In.

The sign-in screen will open. Enter your username and password as provided by Saint James staff for your particular meeting.

BE SURE TO DESELECT, Stay signed in. This will help ensure that others who use the same Zoom account will be able to log into their meetings also.

In some cases, after you log in, you might end up on the account profile page rather than the meeting list page. If that happens, simply click on Meetings on the left side of the screen.

When you arrive on the meeting page, depending on the Zoom account you are using, you may see several meetings listed. To start your particular meeting, hover over your meeting name with your mouse.

When you hover over your meeting name, the name of the meeting will turn blue, and the  Start button will appear to the right. Click Start to begin your meeting.

Another window will open in your browser. Click on Open Zoom Meetings then Launch Meeting if requested, and your meeting will begin.

When your meeting is over, click on End Meeting For All. 

After you have ended your Zoom meeting, go back to the browser tab in Zoom and log out of the Zoom account.