Advent and Christmas at Saint James

Waiting in anticipation

Each year, as we enter the Advent and Christmas seasons, we prepare our hearts and minds for the arrival of God into our world as an infant. During this time of quiet reflection, wonder and expectation, we invite everyone to explore the activities at Saint James to help deepen their Advent experience as we look forward to the birth of our Lord.

St. Nicholas Mass

This delightful tradition at Saint James celebrates the life of Nicholas of Myra—better known to us as St. Nicholas. Children leave their shoes in the chapel while we celebrate mass with “St. Nicholas” in the sanctuary. Afterwards, they return to the chapel to retrieve their shoes filled with treats. The mass is a reminder of the generosity of St. Nicholas and how we are also called to a life of generosity.

Children’s Mass and Pageant

Another family tradition at Saint James, our annual children’s mass and pageant include a full cast of characters portrayed by our children and youth.

Sunday Morning Adult Forum

Our Sunday morning forum hour focuses on Advent themes including mindful waiting, expectant preparation and anointed in service. Last Advent, we studied The Lord Is Our Light, by A. Elaine Brown Crawford, to explore and study the scripture readings for God’s hope and presence during Advent.

Women’s Gathering

Women’s Gathering also enjoys book studies to center oneself during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Advent for Everyone: A Journey with the Apostles by N. T. Wright focused on scripture translation, reflection, and key themes of the season including patience, humility and joy.

Advent Study Group

For those wanting a more liturgical approach to Advent, we offer an in-depth look at the lectionary readings for the upcoming Sunday.

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Crèches at Saint James

For Christmas 2017, our Advent and Christmas seasons were enhanced with a beautiful nativity scene in the apse. (Photos below)