Inquirer’s Class and Membership

Getting to know the Episcopal Church

Inquirer’s Classes at Saint James

Curious about Saint James and The Urban Well?

If you are interested in learning more about Saint James, the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, you’ve come to the right place!

Attend one of our Tuesday night sessions November through April (the second Tuesday of the month) as we talk about the beliefs, history, worship and practices of the Episcopal Church. Bring your coffee or tea and let’s explore our journeys together.

Click here to register for the Inquirer’s Class.

Membership Classes at Saint James

Want to make it official?

If you’ve attended Mother Shayna’s Inquirer’s Class—or even if you haven’t—and would like to become a member of Saint James, Mother Shayna will host a membership class on the following dates. Look for membership classes this fall!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Formal membership at Saint James typically includes attending our six week course, Exploring Saint James. Held each fall and spring, sessions are on Wednesday evenings in the seminar room beneath the Chapel and culminate in Bishop Scanlan’s visit to confirm and receive people into full membership in the Episcopal Church and Saint James.