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2018 Puerto Rico Recovery Mission Trip - Tuesday, Day 2

Day two of the trip included power-washing the roof and then applying roof sealer. Work continued inside as efforts to restore electricity to the entire home were completed.

2018 Puerto Rico Recovery Mission Trip - Monday, Day 1

Monday at the work site, the crew cleaned off the jungle that had started to reclaim the roof at the house where they are working. Electricity at the site is limited to one room and running water, but no sewer is available. The group is well fed and cared for but asks for your continued prayers for safety.

The Ordination of Rev. Richard C. Bauer

June 14, 2018: The Rt. Rev. Dr. Audrey Scanlan, the chief pastor of our diocese and this parish, was at Saint James for the ordination of Richard C. Bauer to the sacred order of priests. The service also included the confirmation, adult baptism, reception and reaffirmation of faith into full membership by many at Saint James.

St. Nicholas Mass

St. Nicholas Mass, Saturday December 9, 2017