Youth in Missions

Learning to serve others

The youth at Saint James have many opportunities to serve others. The Winter Shelter (below) is just one way our youth are giving back.
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Winter Shelter at the Lancaster YWCA

Each winter, Saint James parishioners volunteer to help staff the Lancaster County Council of Churches Winter Shelter at the Lancaster YWCA.

Youth are invited to serve in the following ways:

Ages 14 to 17 years can serve with a parent or guardian for :

  •  Evening greeter filling two volunteer spots
  • Morning checkout positions filling two volunteer spots
  • Overnight monitor, but would be listed as a partner. The youth and adult would fill one overnight volunteer slot.

Age 18 years or older can serve as:

  • Overnight monitors
  • Evening security check

Those serving in this ministry are asked to attend the training session held in Forum Room following the 10:30 AM service on Sunday, November 19.

To learn more about Winter Shelter, click here.

To sign up, click here.