Mentoring at Carter and MacRae

Helping students with English and Math

Mentoring at Carter and MacRae Elementary School is about so much more than teaching. As you spend time with students, you get to know them and become a significant person in their lives. The in-classroom one-on-one attention helps nurture these children, many of whom come from families unable to help because of language deficiencies, second-shift jobs, and/or parental incarceration.

Academic Mentoring

Volunteers are assigned to a grade and a specific classroom teacher based on the volunteer’s interest and calendar as well as the classroom’s schedule and availability. Subjects include English-Language Arts (reading and writing) and Mathematics.

  • Upon arrival at the classroom, the teacher gives the volunteer
    his/her assignment for that day.
  • Mentors typically spend from 75 minutes to 3 hours on their
    designated day each week.
  • A typical assignment might be tutoring three students for
    30 minutes each in the library.
  • Helping students with English-Language Arts could include reading words, picture books or chapter books, and learning about character development.
  • Mathematics includes counting to 100+, single-digit addition
    and subtraction, complex addition and subtraction, multiplication
    and those dreaded multiplication tables, division, entry-level
    algebra and geometry. (Students don’t start using calculators until 3rd or 4th grade.)

If you are undecided about what grade is best for you, brochures are available by subject & grade defining the specific items taught; these were designed to help you chose the grade that best suits you.

Have Questions About the Mentoring Program?

If you'd like to volunteer at Carter and MacRae, email Kathy O'Hara . She will help you get started in mentoring students.

Email Kathy O'Hara

Instrumental Music Mentoring

Music teacher Matt Pavelko has over twenty 4th and 5th graders who really want to learn to play an instrument, but he lacks the time to give one-on-one lessons each week. There are currently nine mentors working with children!
Music mentors go to the school once a week during the school year to give individual lessons to assigned students in:

  • Clarinet
  • Flute
  • Piano
  • Soprano saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Violin

The volunteer works with Mr. Pavelko to be matched with a student and establish a lesson schedule. Once these commitments are in place, Music For Everyone donates that instrument to the school district so the child can have an instrument to take home to practice.