Saint James Church Directory

An online resource for members and active non-members

We often are asked by newcomers whether we have a church directory and the answer is yes! But not in the way you may be thinking—a booklet filled with photos and names. The problem with a printed directory in a parish this size is that it is out of date before it goes to press and is very expensive to produce. Large modern churches instead maintain online directories and ours is accessible by members and active non-members. And it has pictures!

The directory and more in Access ACS

The church maintains this online service just for you so that you can manage and update your personal information, contact info and giving record, as well as make online gifts and connect more easily with others. Your financial information is visible only to you, but you can make some of your contact information and even a photo visible to others so they can know you better.

There’s an app for it, too?

It’s called Church Life™ and is a free download in Google Play and iTunes. You can tap an address and navigate to a parishioner’s home for a gathering, tap another icon to text someone you’re thinking about, see a photo, or directly dial them from the app. You can also do your giving to Saint James here or set up a recurring gift—all in seconds! The app requires an Access ACS account and password to sign in, so your information and that of others remains secure in your mobile device.

How do I get started?

If you don’t have an account or are not sure, head to the sign-in screen and click need a login. you will be directed through the simple process of requesting an account. You must be a member or active non-member to be granted an account. You will then be assigned a temporary password for your first login, after which you will be prompted to create your own. If you have questions or encounter a problem, email Nicolette Norris.