1774 - 1774 – Saint James parishioners work to help repeal unjust British laws

Saint James parishioners work to repeal unjust laws
enacted by British Parliament

A local Committee of Correspondence was set up in Lancaster to work with other colonists for the repeal of unjust laws enacted by the British Parliament. Among its members were Saint James parishioners including: Edward Shippen, George Ross, Jasper Yeates, Matthias Slough, William Atlee and William Henry.


Saint James Episcopal Church
119 North Duke Street
Lancaster, PA 17602

The Rev. David W. Peck, Rector
The Rev. Shayna Watson, Associate Rector
The Rev. Glenn Miller, Priest Associate

Weekend Services

Sunday Mass 8:30 AM
Sunday Mass 10:30 AM

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Audrey Scanlan, Bishop
Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania


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